Top 10 Things To Know about Me!

An assignment completed by my eight-year-old son: 10. My favorite books are field guides. 9. I love CUPCAKES. 8. I celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah, but I’m an atheist. 7. I want to learn how to code. 6. I aim for the stars. 5. I like making stuff up. 4. My favorite time is bedtime. […]

The Last Bad News Bears Strike Back

No one has asked for my opinion of the new Star Wars movie. I am delighted to respond to this non-call. Here is a short list of observations: > This movie, like so many movies, is actually The Bad News Bears. A ragtag band of misfits overcomes huge odds and shows us something about courage. […]

The collected wit and wisdom of my children

My 12-year-old daughter, W., was preparing to brush her teeth and reflecting on how she’s changed over the past year. She said, “I’m about 10% more mature and 20% more gay.” The other day, W. was telling my mother the story of the Torah portion she’s studying for her bat mitzvah. When she finished, my […]

What I saw

An entry in my son’s April journal, a regular writing exercise in his second grade classroom: What I saw was not normal. It had a cat’s head and a wolf’s snout. It had monkey fur too. But whatever I saw I want it.

The writing on the wall

At the aforementioned birthday celebration, my son and his group of friends found graffiti on a wall behind a tall hedge in a park. They decided that it was the key to a mystery, which they spent the next 30 minutes trying to solve. It said: Love stories may save me.

Later this morning

In the second-grade hallway of my son’s school, saw worksheets by students responding to the prompt: “I will take concrete steps to reach my goal of:” A sample of the responses: Getting a horse Being a chemist Seeing my dad Being a nanny Getting to the major league Becoming a YouTuber

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