Haikus are for Trump supporters

Do you think that Rob Bywater knows that every Monday there is a professional football column produced by Peter King (a tireless Trump advocate) and Sports Illustrated? And at the end of that weekly 10,000-word column about professional football there is a weekly haiku? Maybe if Rob knew these things, he’d start writing sonnets.

A new Generation

There’s a riddle from the 50’s that seems appropriate here. A traveling salesman (gender-specific references apparently were common in mid-century American riddles) arrived in a town he’d never visited. Before meeting with prospective customers he decided he needed a haircut. He discovered that there were two barbers available. One shop was immaculate and the barber […]

Welcome to our new arrival!

It wasn’t easy (in a good way) condensing the spirit of our videos into a single, two-minute reel. But with a little bit of teamwork (and isn’t making movies the very epitome of teamwork?) we put together something that we think gets at the visual and storytelling heart of the dozens of pieces we’ve produced. […]

Return of the haiku

By unpopular non-demand. *** Pale sky– that bird sounds happy to sing alone *** Spring shame– I never know the names  of the blooming trees *** Birds swerve under a helicopter– white sky *** The maple tree is taller by the length  of a single bud

“The young guys don’t talk on defense”

I was listening to an interview with Jared Dudley, an NBA player who’s been in the league for eight or nine years. He’s the kind of guy who’s proud to be a veteran and eager to take younger players under his wing (they still say “under his wing” in the NBA). He’s also known around […]

“She had taught herself to believe”

I’m reading Trollope’s He Knew He Was Right. Characters are constantly being described this way: “She had taught herself to believe that she had made the right choice.” The title of the novel could have been: He Had Taught Himself to Believe that He Was Right.  That idea–that our beliefs are the product not of […]

Weekly Haiku Roundup!

Because time is an illusion. *** Morning bird- song and the rush of the furnace– late March *** The dishwasher the dryer and then the rain– late March *** Stocking hung in the window of the yellow house– late March *** Red berries! I do not know what you  will become *** The sun said […]

I believe that children are the future, vol. 2

1. In the toy-strewn kids’ section of a local library, son picked up a princess-shaped magnet, looked at it, and threw it aside. “Stereotypical princess,” he said, in a tone of adorable distaste. 2. Son woke up one morning thinking about reincarnation. He was worried about people who don’t believe in it. In a tone […]

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