Haiku (12.31.15)

The black trees against  the black sky. Son had said, “My happy eyes are green.”

I call to you from across the ancient flowing river

I have purchased the new album by Enya. Shame me not! A friend said, as he walked into the kitchen while I was playing the new album by Enya, “I didn’t even realize it was playing–but somehow I felt indescribably soothed.” Exactly.  These, my good people, are prayers sung at the stylish nunnery. Which is […]

Congratulations on your retirement!

Let us resolve to retire these words or phrases from popular use: 1. “Blow up.” As in: “This band is blowing up!” Or “My phone is blowing up!” No. Your phone is not blowing up. There are places where phones (and homes, and busses, and city blocks, and on and on) really do blow up. […]

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