My kids are watching the new season of Dr. Who. It’s not my thing (lasers! time travel! futuristic “wit”), but I watched an episode at my kids’ behest. And I love, love, love the new doctor. Who is a woman. Which is a first for the show. (There have been 12 doctors, all male, before her.) (Because, um, they’re all incarnations of the same person.) (Don’t ask me!)

What I love most about her is her spirit. She’s indomitable. But not in a grim, humorless way. In a brisk, giddy, deliriously curious way. She encounters a robot army (or whatever), and her response isn’t a clenched one-liner. Her response is: This is interesting! Let’s figure this out! My son calls it “13th doctor positivity.” And for at least one day this week, he went to school–which he’s usually depressed about–with that spirit . . . and it worked! He had a good day!

The next day was meh. But, you know: That’s interesting! We’ll figure it out. Good on you, doctor.