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Where you’ll find me

I’m reading a biography of Coleridge, not because I love Coleridge’s poetry (it feels antiquated to me–because, you know, it is!–but I think I mean it feels antique) but because the biographer is Richard Holmes, the most marvelous companion you could want if you were wanting to conduct a psycho-socio-literary autopsy of a writer. Anyway. […]

A word in Spanish

I was walking J. to school this morning, the sun was warm in our jackets, and he was talking about words he’d been learning in Spanish class, the words for the seasons, and he was saying that words in Spanish are either male or female, el or la, fall and winter and summer are el, […]

Top 10 Things To Know about Me!

An assignment completed by my eight-year-old son: 10. My favorite books are field guides. 9. I love CUPCAKES. 8. I celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah, but I’m an atheist. 7. I want to learn how to code. 6. I aim for the stars. 5. I like making stuff up. 4. My favorite time is bedtime. […]

The Last Bad News Bears Strike Back

No one has asked for my opinion of the new Star Wars movie. I am delighted to respond to this non-call. Here is a short list of observations: > This movie, like so many movies, is actually The Bad News Bears. A ragtag band of misfits overcomes huge odds and shows us something about courage. […]

The collected wit and wisdom of my children

My 12-year-old daughter, W., was preparing to brush her teeth and reflecting on how she’s changed over the past year. She said, “I’m about 10% more mature and 20% more gay.” The other day, W. was telling my mother the story of the Torah portion she’s studying for her bat mitzvah. When she finished, my […]

What I saw

An entry in my son’s April journal, a regular writing exercise in his second grade classroom: What I saw was not normal. It had a cat’s head and a wolf’s snout. It had monkey fur too. But whatever I saw I want it.

The writing on the wall

At the aforementioned birthday celebration, my son and his group of friends found graffiti on a wall behind a tall hedge in a park. They decided that it was the key to a mystery, which they spent the next 30 minutes trying to solve. It said: Love stories may save me.

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