The other day I sent my kids to the farmers’ market, and they came back with a little container of honey on the comb.

Have you ever had honey on the comb? I had not. Nor had I understood that bee’s wax is, like, wax that bees make. They make wax! Little (or large?) catacombs of it. Into which the honey goes.

I know so little about bees. But what little I know makes me wish I knew more. They appear to be freaking geniuses.

Plus, the experience of eating honey this way was exquisite. A little square of the wax comb in your mouth, sucking the honey from it–dang. That is some sacred nectar. A friend said she had a love/hate relationship with honey on the comb; she thought it was “decadent and freaky.” Which is exquisitely put. More of that, please.