She is in 8th grade. Two things she did today:

Thing one: At the end of her half-hour shift hosting a “youth radio” show on a community radio station, she attempted to play “Do You Hear the People Sing?” from Les Mis, intending to sing along with it. But there was a technical glitch and it wouldn’t play–so she just sang the song on her own. If you’ve never heard your daughter sing a soaring ode to solidarity–a cappella!–on a local radio station, I’m telling you it’s pretty great.

Thing two: In math class, the teacher instructed the students to perform a certain set of tasks online–but there was a technical glitch, and for 50 minutes the entire class sat at their screens, attempting and failing to get online. At some point, during a moment of collective silent exasperation, W. said–in a mock-plaintive voice, not quite under her breath–“Is this hell?” And laughter echoed along the halls of the middle school.