There’s a riddle from the 50’s that seems appropriate here. A traveling salesman (gender-specific references apparently were common in mid-century American riddles) arrived in a town he’d never visited. Before meeting with prospective customers he decided he needed a haircut. He discovered that there were two barbers available. One shop was immaculate and the barber was well-coiffed. The other shop was a mess and the barber’s own hair even worse. Which shop did the salesman choose? We’re proud to share this latest version of the Generation brand, including a new logo and website. With a slight grimace we can also share that we’ve sought to update our identity for the last couple of years. But like the harried, poorly shorn barber (and the shoemaker with worst-shod children), attention to our own branding is a distant second to our clients’. We’re proud of the work we do for a host of transformative institutions, even if it means our own work will take a bit longer.


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