I was listening to an interview with Jared Dudley, an NBA player who’s been in the league for eight or nine years. He’s the kind of guy who’s proud to be a veteran and eager to take younger players under his wing (they still say “under his wing” in the NBA).

He’s also known around the league for being a big talker, especially on the defensive end. Not a trash talker, just a guy who helps direct traffic, like a soccer goalie. Talking–sometimes shouting–to your teammates is an essential part of, you know, being a team.

Anyway. He was observing that “the young guys don’t talk on defense.” The most recent generation of NBA players tends to keep quiet on the court. His theory was that they were conditioned to “talk” through social media–and so real-time, real-life human interaction was foreign to them.

He’s not a curmudgeon. He’s just a guy who wants to win.