Two quotes from the Times Style Magazine

The first is from Paula Cooper, the pioneering gallery owner. She’s describing a snapshot of her sitting in a wicker chair on a porch: “My husband Jack and I spend weekends in Bellport. He owns heirloom turkeys with Isabella Rossellini, who has an incredible farm raising local produce and rare animals.” “He owns heirloom turkeys […]

The house on 52 with the flag out front

On a road leading out of town there’s a house that for many years had a Confederate flag hanging out front. Actually, the flag was on a pole within the grounds of the house, behind a high, tightly bound picket fence, the kind of fence you might have seen around an early Puritan settlement. The […]

Morning routine

This morning my son was lolling on the sofa in his pajamas after breakfast, as he often does. He asked aloud (to no one) where his clothes were, as he often does. I fetched an outfit from his dresser upstairs, as I often do, I’m sorry to say. I set the outfit on the sofa, […]

Ponies will be ponies

At camp today, my seven-year-old son wore a swim shirt with a lavish scene from My Little Pony on the front. He loves this shirt. He gasped–really gasped with pleasure–when it arrived in the mail. By the way, my son does not think of himself as a Bronie. He loathes stereotypes (the most dismissive thing […]

The pretender

Well! Here’s something so sad, I don’t have words for it. It’s written by Laurie Penny, who is so smart, I would like her to have all the words. The piece describes Penny attending an off-site gathering during the RNC, overseen by a human-shaped ego named Milo. It is Milo’s business to pretend at being […]

Context is everything (a cappella version)

I think you need to watch this. My daughter loved the original version of this song. The lyrics always felt hollow to me. You’re losing friends–why? You’re in too deep–in what way, exactly? But now here’s an a cappella version of the song, recorded in service to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. And suddenly the song gains […]

Haikus are for Trump supporters

Do you think that Rob Bywater knows that every Monday there is a professional football column produced by Peter King (a tireless Trump advocate) and Sports Illustrated? And at the end of that weekly 10,000-word column about professional football there is a weekly haiku? Maybe if Rob knew these things, he’d start writing sonnets.

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