Three uses for a smartphone

1: I was at a Beach House concert. Fans were standing in front, holding up phones, filming the concert. Here the smartphone is a filter: you record the experience before you’ve experienced it.  2. Same concert: In the seats at the back, a woman in front of me conducted three text conversations, one of which […]

Everybody needs 100 things to love

Here’s the Wellesley 100, an interactive project produced with our friends at Brooklyn United. It started as a viewbook, also called the Wellesley 100, which deconstructed the traditional viewbook categories (academics, athletics, campus life, etc.) and simply offered 100 marvelous things about Wellesley taken (nearly) at random.  The print version is well-loved by prospective students […]

For optimal viewing, please play on a jumbotron

Which is how these three short films were first shown in public, at a gala groundbreaking for the Ability Institute of RIC, the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago’s jaw-dropping, paradigm-shifting new facility.  The films are meant to be watched in order: Will, Belief, Transform. They follow the logic of the messaging for RIC’s upcoming campaign—but mostly […]

I salute you, Ellen Simon

What is the purpose of a company blog? He asked rhetorically, plaintively. I’m thinking of Ellen Simon, a woman I dated in college. I met her at the Cone Zone (yes! the second mention of the Cone Zone in a single day!) one summer. I was behind the counter, she was buying a snack; she […]

Jobs I have known and loved (or not), pt. 3

I did work in yogurt, in Evanston, again. I worked at the ice cream and sandwich shop in the basement of the student center: the Cone Zone. Sometimes I worked the late shift, and the manager would sing along, loudly, to slow jams on the shop radio. At some point I became a manager myself. […]

Jobs I have known and loved (or not), pt. 2

In college, in Evanston, I worked for two weeks at a TCBY. I wore the polo shirt, I wore the cap, I measured every portion of every serving on a tiny scale, and then I quit. The manager, a young guy who was trying to make his name, was not pleased. He said: “You’ll never […]

Before Midnight

Yes. I saw it. It speaks to me. The whole trilogy speaks to me. Richard Linklater speaks to me. I wish Julie Delpy would actually speak to me, really, in real life, very much. Ethan Hawke–he looks spectral, his acting is affectedly unaffected, but I don’t care, I love the film(s) too much. Anyway. Great […]

I would totally bring them a hot dish

Or I would have, when we were truly neighbors. Now, because we’ve moved, we’re half a mile away. But I’d still bring them a hot dish. I’m speaking here of Melville House, a fire-breathing independent publisher with an exquisite sense of design (check out their Neversink Library) and a very active blog that stands at […]

Jobs I have known and loved (or not), pt. 1

Once, in Northeastern Pennsylvania, I was the host of a children’s radio program called “Bookworm Brannigan.” Actually, no: “The Adventures of Bookworm Brannigan.” It was sponsored by the town library and broadcast on an AM country station on Saturday mornings. We read books out loud, performed skits with primitive sound effects, played vaguely relevant music. […]

Barnard Now

Oh, right. We have a blog. And on this blog we post things that inspire us and work we’ve done and adorable quotes from our children. Assuming we have time to do this when we’re not actually working. And lo! We are working very hard, but we felt guilty about the blog and wanted to […]

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