I rarely finish books I’m reading. I tend to stop at the 1/3 mark. Right now I’m stopped at these pages in these books:

Javier Cercas, The Anatomy of a Moment: p. 134

Victor Serge, Memoirs of a Revolutionary: p.90

James Salter, Light Years: p. 78

Jean Strouse, Alice James: p. 66

Gay Talese, Thy Neighbor’s Wife: p. 118

A.J.P. Taylor, Bismarck: p. 100

Njal’s Saga: p. 192

James Billington, The Icon and the Axe: p. 70

Halldor Laxness, World Light: p. 172

Balzac, Lost Illusions: P. 104

Casanova, History of My Life, Vol. 1: p. 202

Too many men, alas. Still, they’re all excellent. I recommend them highly.