What is the purpose of a company blog? He asked rhetorically, plaintively.

I’m thinking of Ellen Simon, a woman I dated in college. I met her at the Cone Zone (yes! the second mention of the Cone Zone in a single day!) one summer. I was behind the counter, she was buying a snack; she revealed that she was on the editorial board of the summer edition of the college paper, I revealed that I thought the college paper’s editorials were vapid. Actually, the revelations occurred in reverse order. It was kismet!   

In the fall she became editor of the paper’s weekly arts section, which tended toward profiles of young filmmakers or indie bands who were playing in Chicago. I was impressed and said so. She said, “Eh, don’t be impressed. It’s not really journalism. It’s just attitude.” She was so great.

And this, to me, is the answer to the question above. The purpose of a company blog is to show some attitude.