Yes. I saw it. It speaks to me. The whole trilogy speaks to me. Richard Linklater speaks to me. I wish Julie Delpy would actually speak to me, really, in real life, very much. Ethan Hawke–he looks spectral, his acting is affectedly unaffected, but I don’t care, I love the film(s) too much.

Anyway. Great moment at a glowing intergenerational dinner party: the conversation turns (as it always does in these films) to romantic love. The young people speak of it in ruthlessly pragmatic terms, the middle-aged people speak of it in vexed, yearning terms, and then the host, an older gentleman, speaks of it. He says that he and his wife always tried to be independent people, to care for themselves so that they could care for others. He says: the goal isn’t to love one person but to love life. 

And everyone nods and sighs approvingly. Me too.